Research Group Molecular Imaging

P. Biegger, R. Haffner, M. Müller, D. Komljenovic (from left to right).


Dr. Dorde Komljenovic
Research Group Molecular Imaging
Dept. Medical Physics in Radiology
German Cancer Research Center
69120 Heidelberg, Germany

Tel: +49-6221-422686

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The aim of the Molecular Imaging group is to develop non-invasive imaging strategies to assess tumor properties both morphologically at high resolution and functionally e.g. by targeting tumor cell-specific structures in vitro and in vivo. For this purpose, biomedical imaging methods, contrast agents and radiotracers are refined and developed to supplement basic research in order to elucidate on the pathogenesis of tumor growth and in particular metastasis formation. Such knowledge has implications on early detection and monitoring treatment response. We aim to use imaging methodology and therapeutic options that are applicable in clinical oncology and adhere to possible clinical transfer as a perspective for our research.


Last updated: 22.11.2018.

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