We offer the possibility to work in an international and multidisciplinary environment at the intersection of chemistry, medicine, biology and physics. This can either be a small project within the research area (Internship) or an individual project (Bachelor thesis/Master thesis/PhD thesis).


We are searching for highly motivated chemistry students who want to work on an interdisciplinary research topic in the field of cancer diagnosis and therapy. We are always offering internships in organic chemistry or related fields (e.g. OC F - Praktikum), as well as the possibility for Bachelor and Master Theses. Currently we don’t have funding possibilities for PhD candidates. However we will strongly support you in finding a suitable opportunity to get your project in our group funded. One option is the International PhD Program (www.dkfz.de/phd) of the DKFZ.

• high motivation for cancer research
• autonomous and proactive working skills
• basic experience in laboratory work (standard techniques, safe handling of chemicals, etc.), especially in organic synthesis
• Willingness to gain deep insight into biomedical imaging
• excellent academic record
• spoken and written English

Dr. rer. nat. Philipp Biegger send e-mail

Multimodal imaging

MRI, ultrasound, photoacoustic, optical imaging.
Dr. Subhamoy Mandal send e-mail

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