Phenotypic reversal in multidrug resistant cancer cells

Number of publications: 3
Israeli Partner: M. Liscovitch, Weizmann Institute of Science
German Partner: D. Keppler, DKFZ


Burgermeister, E., Tencer, L., Liscovitch, M.

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Ravid, D., Maor, S., Werner, H., Liscovitch, M.

Caveolin-1 inhibits cell detachment-induced p53 activation and anoikis by upregulation of insulin-like growth factor-I receptors and signaling 24 (8), Oncogene, 1338-47, 2005

Tencer, L., Burgermeister, E., Ebert, M. P., Liscovitch, M.

Rosiglitazone induces caveolin-1 by PPARgamma-dependent and PPRE-independent mechanisms: the role of EGF receptor signaling and its effect on cancer cell drug resistance 28 (2), Anticancer Res, 895-906, 2008

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