The functional relevance of alterations in integrin alpha6beta4 and protein kinase C regulation in human and mouse skin carcinogenesis

Number of publications: 2
Israeli Partner: T. Tennenbaum, Bar-Ilan University
German Partner: D. Breitkreutz (div. N. E. Fusenig), DKFZ


Alt, A., Ohba, M., Li, L., Gartsbein, M., Belanger, A., Denning, M. F., Kuroki, T., Yuspa, S. H., Tennenbaum, T.

Protein kinase Cdelta-mediated phosphorylation of alpha6beta4 is associated with reduced integrin localization to the hemidesmosome and decreased keratinocyte attachment 61 (11), Cancer Res, 4591-8, 2001

Breitkreutz, D., Braiman-Wiksman, L., Daum, N., Denning, M. F., Tennenbaum, T.

Protein kinase C family: on the crossroads of cell signaling in skin and tumor epithelium 133 (11), J Cancer Res Clin Oncol, 793-808, 2007

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