A biochemical and molecular genetic approach to study the role of hepatocyte nuclear factor 4 (HNF4) and suppression of tumor development by fatty acids

Number of publications: 1
Israeli Partner: J. Bar-Tana, R. Hertz, Hebrew University
German Partner: G. Schuetz, DKFZ


Tronche, F., Opherk, C., Moriggl, R., Kellendonk, C., Reimann, A., Schwake, L., Reichardt, H. M., Stangl, K., Gau, D., Hoeflich, A., Beug, H., Schmid, W., Schutz, G.

Glucocorticoid receptor function in hepatocytes is essential to promote postnatal body growth 18 (5), Genes Dev, 492-7, 2004

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