The roles of SIL(STIL) in centrosome biology – relevance to cancer and developmental disorders

Number of publications: 3
Israeli Partner: S. Izraeli, Sheba Med. Center
German Partner: A. Kraemer, DKFZ


Castiel, A., Danieli, M. M., David, A., Moshkovitz, S., Aplan, P. D., Kirsch, I. R., Brandeis, M., Kramer, A., Izraeli, S.

The Stil protein regulates centrosome integrity and mitosis through suppression of Chfr 124, J Cell Sci, 532-9, 2011

David, A., Liu, F., Tibelius, A., Vulprecht, J., Wald, D., Rothermel, U., Ohana, R., Seitel, A., Metzger, J., Ashery-Padan, R., Meinzer, H. P., Grone, H. J., Izraeli, S., Kramer, A.

Lack of centrioles and primary cilia in STIL(-/-) mouse embryos 13 (18), Cell Cycle, 2859-68, 2014

Vulprecht, J., David, A., Tibelius, A., Castiel, A., Konotop, G., Liu, F., Bestvater, F., Raab, M. S., Zentgraf, H., Izraeli, S., Kramer, A.

STIL is required for centriole duplication in human cells 125, J Cell Sci, 1353-62, 2012

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