Exploring the network of STAT3 and MITF in melanoma using RNAi libraries

Number of publications: 3
Israeli Partner: E. Razin, Hebrew University
German Partner: M. Boutros, DKFZ


Carmi-Levy, I., Motzik, A., Ofir-Birin, Y., Yagil, Z., Yang, C. M., Kemeny, D. M., Han, J. M., Kim, S., Kay, G., Nechushtan, H., Suzuki, R., Rivera, J., Razin, E.

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Yagil, Z., Hadad Erlich, T., Ofir-Birin, Y., Tshori, S., Kay, G., Yekhtin, Z., Fisher, D. E., Cheng, C., Wong, W. S., Hartmann, K., Razin, E., Nechushtan, H.

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Yagil, Z., Nechushtan, H., Kay, G., Yang, C. M., Kemeny, D. M., Razin, E.

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