Identification and characterization of cytokinetic targets in cancer therapy

Number of publications: 2
Israeli Partner: S. Lev, Weizmann Institute of Science
German Partner: I. Hoffmann, DKFZ


Laufman, O., Kedan, A., Hong, W., Lev, S.

Direct interaction between the COG complex and the SM protein, Sly1, is required for Golgi SNARE pairing 28 (14), Embo j, 2006-17, 2009

Zhu, M., Settele, F., Kotak, S., Sanchez-Pulido, L., Ehret, L., Ponting, C. P., Gonczy, P., Hoffmann, I.

MISP is a novel Plk1 substrate required for proper spindle orientation and mitotic progression 200 (6), J Cell Biol, 773-87, 2013

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