Hypomethylation-induced genetic instability as a factor in tumor formation

Number of publications: 3
Israeli Partner: A. Eden, Hebrew Univ.
German Partner: F. Lyko, DKFZ


Gronniger, E., Weber, B., Heil, O., Peters, N., Stab, F., Wenck, H., Korn, B., Winnefeld, M., Lyko, F.

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Aberrant epigenetic silencing of tumor suppressor genes is reversed by direct reprogramming 28 (8), Stem Cells, 1349-54, 2010

Weber, B., Kimhi, S., Howard, G., Eden, A., Lyko, F.

Demethylation of a LINE-1 antisense promoter in the cMet locus impairs Met signalling through induction of illegitimate transcription 29 (43), Oncogene, 5775-84, 2010

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