New strategies in the treatment of osteolytic bone metastasis of mammary carcinoma

Number of publications: 3
Israeli Partner: G. Golomb, Hebrew Univ.
German Partner: M. Berger, DKFZ


Elazar, V., Adwan, H., Bauerle, T., Rohekar, K., Golomb, G., Berger, M. R.

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Elazar, V., Adwan, H., Rohekar, K., Zepp, M., Lifshitz-Shovali, R., Berger, M. R., Golomb, G.

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Reufsteck, C., Lifshitz-Shovali, R., Zepp, M., Bauerle, T., Kubler, D., Golomb, G., Berger, M. R.

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