Genotypes of drug transporting and metabolising genes as potential modifiers of cancer risk and chemotherapy-sensitivity

Number of publications: 3
Israeli Partner: D. Rund, Hadasssah Univ. Hospital
German Partner: A. Risch (div. of M. Bartsch), DKFZ


Malik, E., Cohen, S. B., Sahar, D., Dann, E. J., Rund, D.

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Muller, P. J., Dally, H., Klappenecker, C. N., Edler, L., Jager, B., Gerst, M., Spiegelhalder, B., Tuengerthal, S., Fischer, J. R., Drings, P., Bartsch, H., Risch, A.

Polymorphisms in ABCG2, ABCC3 and CNT1 genes and their possible impact on chemotherapy outcome of lung cancer patients 124 (7), Int J Cancer, 1669-74, 2009

Muller, P., Asher, N., Heled, M., Cohen, S. B., Risch, A., Rund, D.

Polymorphisms in transporter and phase II metabolism genes as potential modifiers of the predisposition to and treatment outcome of de novo acute myeloid leukemia in Israeli ethnic groups 32 (6), Leuk Res, 919-29, 2008

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