Involvement of c-Abl in HPV-induced carcinogenesis

Number of publications: 2
Israeli Partner: Y. Haupt, Hebrew University
German Partner: F. Roesl, DKFZ


Lutzner, N., De-Castro Arce, J., Rosl, F.

Gene expression of the tumour suppressor LKB1 is mediated by Sp1, NF-Y and FOXO transcription factors 7 (3), PLoS One, e32590, 2012

Lutzner, N., Kalbacher, H., Krones-Herzig, A., Rosl, F.

FOXO3 is a glucocorticoid receptor target and regulates LKB1 and its own expression based on cellular AMP levels via a positive autoregulatory loop 7 (7), PLoS One, e42166, 2012

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