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Dr. Steffen Schmitt

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The Flow Cytometryunit performs cell cloning or enrichment of up to 4 subpopulations simultaneously. Serveral flow cytometric cell sorters (up to 5 laser, cuvette and jet-in-air sorter) enable the analysis of up to 19 parameters per cell.

Flow Cytometry is a powerful analysis tool in modern biology and life sciences. The applications are numerous and have contributed to many fields including virology, immunology, and molecular biology. The major advantages include the analysis of high cell numbers per sample combined with an increasing number of parameters. Based on the expression pattern of those parameters, it is possible to isolate specific cell populations for further analysis (e.g. gene expression pattern, functional assays, etc.).

Single cells stained with fluorescent dye coupled monoclonal antibodies (or other bioreactive molecules) emit characteristic light signals, while passing one or more focused laser beams. These events can then be collected and analysed (with a speed of 10.000 - 70.000 particles/ sec.). At the moment we can analyse with our instruments up to 16 parameters at once while collecting 4 different subpopulations for further analysis.

The core facility flow cytometry is equipped with various instruments and software modules to analyse and sort your samples. Upon request, we will help you plan, perform and interpret your FACS (fluorescence activated cell sorting) experiments and cell sorting. The Core Facility Flow Cytometry is also involved in training and education of PhD-students and members of the DKFZ (see program Aus- und Weiterbildung). If you want to use our services, you have to provide us with a signed hard copy of our user guidelines. After training the analysers can be used by the users themself. The cell sorters are exclusively operated by the facility staff. For appointments provide us with a completed version of our sort request sheet you sent to cytometry(at)dkfz-heidelberg.de.
DKFZ members and cooperation partners will find further informations about our support and facility equipment on our intranet pages. (Scientific Services - Core Facilities)

Please don’t hesitate to contact us, if you have further questions:

Group Members:

Dr. Marcus Eich: phone:    +49 (0)6221 42-3640
Klaus Hexel: phone:          +49 (0)6221 42-3740
Tobias Rubner: phone:     +49 (0)6221 42-3641

e-mail: cytometry(at)dkfz-heidelberg.de


Dr. Steffen Schmitt
Head of Core Facility Flow Cytometry (FACS®)

E-Mail: steffen.schmitt@dkfz-heidelberg.de

+49 6221 42-1261 (Office)
+49 6221 42-3640 (Lab)
+49 6221 42-3755 (Fax)

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