PI: Dr. Martina Schmidt

Co-PI: Prof. Dr. Karen Steindorf


After a cancer treatment, beyond therapy success the quality of life is of great importance. Therefore, we want to advance research and development of patient-oriented offers and treatments in order to alleviate common side effects such as fatigue (extreme exhaustion) and to improve quality of life of cancer survivors.

The FiX study is an important step in this regard. In Germany, guidelines for the treatment of cancer-related fatigue as well as systematically collected comparative data on the prevalence and severity of fatigue in the various types of cancer are still missing.

The aim of the study is therefore to identify existing problems as well as patient groups with a particularly high need for action regarding fatigue.

In cooperation with the Epidemiological Cancer Registry of Baden-Württemberg, patients who received the first diagnosis of cancer one to two years ago are contacted and asked to take part in a short survey. A total of 3000 participants should be included (about 200 each for the 15 most common tumor types). Based on questionnaires information on characteristics and treatment of cancer-related fatigue as well as quality of life are collected.

A follow-up survey is planned after one to two years to investigate the longer-term problems and needs of cancer survivors. The results of the study will contribute to the development of patient-centered treatments for cancer-related fatigue.

Current status

Recruitment started in March 2018 and ended in July 2019. The data is currently being evaluated.


Dr. Martina Schmidt
phone: +49 6221 42 2220

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