SyNC – Systematic functional analysis of mutations and Networks in Cancer

© C. Scholl

It is well established that understanding the genetic alterations in cancer can lead to the development of effective, genotype-directed therapies. Large sequencing efforts have now captured thousands of mutations in many cancer types, thereby revealing that most cancer genes are mutated at low frequencies (under 5%). These rare recurrent mutations are clinically meaningful but not well understood biologically. To address this challenge, we have implemented a program for the systematic functional investigation of rare cancer mutations and their interaction networks, which will improve the interpretation of cancer genomes and help investigators translate genetic information into clinical application.


This project is conducted jointly with the groups of Michael Boutros (DKFZ), Ingrid Lohmann (Heidelberg University), Stefan Fröhling (NCT Heidelberg, Heidelberg University Hospital), Wolfgang Huber (EMBL), and Benedikt Brors (DKFZ).

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