International DKFZ Alumni Groups

International DKFZ Alumni Groups

One of the aims of the DKFZ Alumni Relations is to facilitate former DKFZ members to keep in contact with the DKFZ and each other. We have therefore identified cities where a critical mass of our alumni are now working and have established local groups listed below.

Upcoming Get-togethers

The following get-togethers are planned. Please contact if you'd like further information about any of these events.

Information about alumni get-togethers are also announced on the platform. If you’re not already a member of DKFZ-Connect, then you’re very welcome to join either by connecting with an existing LinkedIn account, or registering with your email address.

February 2020: Boston/Cambridge USA

Get-together in Boston in February 2018

The next get-together for DKFZ Alumni in the Greater Boston Area will take place during the weekend of 22nd/23rd February, 2020. We will meet for an informal dinner in downtown Boston or Cambridge.

If you are interested in joining the get-together (informal dinner), please let us know by emailing us at and we will provide you with further details nearer the time.

You might also be interested in attending the European Career Fair, taking place on 22nd February at MIT, at which the DKFZ will also be represented with a stand. For more info, visit

Other Alumni Groups

If you are located in or near any of these cities, or are seeking to move there in the near future, then we encourage you to (re-)connect with other DKFZ alumni in the area. If you are interested in joining any of these groups, please contact us at and we'll provide you with further information.

Get-together in Berlin in 2016



  • London
  • Oxford 
  • Cambridge


  • Zürich
  • Basel


  • Berlin

"Oh no, my city is not listed..!!"

If you know of at least 5 other DKFZ alumni in your area and you'd like to establish a new local group, then we'd be happy to help you set this up. Just contact us for more information. 


Previous Get-Togethers

A list of all past get-togethers can be found here.

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