(This is not a complete list of publications, but only a selection of the major ones.)


Stadhouders R, Filion GJ, Graf T. Transcription factors and 3D genome conformation in cell-fate decisions. Nature. 2019 May 16; 569(7756):345-354


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Di Stefano B, Sardina JL, van Oevelen C, Collombet S, Kallin EM, Vicent GP, Lu J, Thieffry D, Beato M, and Graf T. C/EBPa poises B cells for rapid reprogramming into iPS cells. Nature 506, 235-241 (2014).


Rapino F, Robles EF, Richter-Larrea JA, Kallin EM, Martinez-Climent JA, Graf T. C/EBPα Induces Highly Efficient Macrophage Transdifferentiation of B Lymphoma and Leukemia Cell Lines and Impairs Their Tumorigenicity. Cell Reports 3, 1-11 (2013).

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