(This is not a complete list of publications, but only a selection of the major ones.)


Opacic T., Dencks S., Theek B., Piepenbrock M., Ackermann D., Rix A., Lammers A., Stickeler E., Delorme S., Schmitz G., Kiessling F. Motion Model Ultrasound Localization Microscopy for Preclinical and Clinical Multiparametric Tumor Characterization. Nat Commun, 9:1527


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Lammers T., Koczera P., Fokong S., Gremse F., Ehling J., Vogt M., Pich A., Storm G., van Zandvoort M., KiesslingF. Theranostic USPIO-loaded microbubbles for mediating and monitoring blood-brain barrier permeation.Adv Funct Mater,25:36-43


Zhang C., Jugold M., Woenne E.C., Lammers T., Morgenstern B.,  Mueller M.M., Zentgraf H., Bock M., Eisenhut M., Semmler W., Kiessling F. Specific targeting of tumor angiogenesis by RGD-conjugated USPIO using a clinical 1.5 T MR-scanner. Cancer Res, 67:1555-1562


Kiessling F., Greschus S., Lichy M.P., Bock M., Fink C., Vosseler S., Moll J., Mueller M.M., Fusenig N.E., Traupe H., Semmler W. Volumetric Computed Tomography (VCT): A novel technology for non-invasive high resolution monitoring of tumor angiogenesis. Nature Med,10:1133-1138

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