DKFZ Alumni Dinner in San Francisco on Sunday 6th April

The Alumni Association invites all DKFZ Alumni in the San Francisco area to join an informal DKFZ Alumni Dinner on Sunday 6th April in downtown San Francisco. This is a great opportunity to re-connect with the DKFZ and meet other DKFZ alumni who are working in the San Francisco area.

If you are interesting in attending the dinner, please let Lindsay Murrells know by 20th March by sending her an email or contacting her through LinkedIn. Further information about the exact time and location of the dinner will then be provided. If you are an alumnus working in the San Francisco area but can't make it to the dinner in April, please also let us know so that we can contact you about future local events.

If you know of other former DKFZ members who are working in the area please do pass on this information.

We hope to see many of you in San Francisco in April!

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