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Wong SP and Harbottle RP Genetic modification of dividing cells using episomally maintained S/MAR DNA vectors Molecular Therapy Nucleic Acids (2013)
Argyros O, Wong SP, Gowers K and Harbottle RP Genetic modification of cancer cells using non-viral, episomal S/MAR vectors for in vivo tumour modeling. PLoS ONE (2012) 7(10): e47920. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0047920
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Argyros O, Wong SP, Niceta M, Waddington SN, Howe SJ, Coutelle C, Miller AD and Harbottle RP Persistent episomal transgene expression in liver following delivery of a scaffold/matrix attachment region containing non-viral vector. Gene Therapy (2008) 15, 1593–1605

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