Immunoimaging Team

Michael Breckwoldt, MD PhD

Imaging immune cell dynamics by magnetic resonance (MRI) is a major clinical challenge. This is especially relevant with the advent of novel cancer immunotherapies. The group aims to visualize immunological processes in the tumor microenvironment and in autoimmunity (glioma and multiple sclerosis models). We employ a variety of imaging methods using high field MRI at 9.4 Tesla (in cooperation with the Neuroradiology Department, University Hospital Heidelberg) and correlative optical methods to investigate the cellular and subcellular level (2 photon intravital microscopy in cooperation with the AG Winkler, ultramicroscopy of cleared specimen in cooperation with the AG Tews).  We also use iron oxide nanoparticles and other innovative contrast agents for cell tracking of immune cell subsets in immunotherapeutic paradigms (active/ passive vaccination, checkpoint inhibition, adoptive transfer models). Our long-term goal is to define imaging “immune signatures” of response / resistance for treatment monitoring and translate such signatures into clinical practice.


Team members

  • Michael Breckwoldt MD PhD - Team leader
  • Manuel Fischer - MRI Technician
  • Jessica Hunger, M.Sc - PhD student
  • Kianush Karimian, MD - Postdoctoral scientist and resident neuroradiology
  • Kira Pfleiderer - MD student



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