Neuroimmunologie und Hirntumorimmunologie

Immunotherapy Brain Tumor Models

Theresa Bunse, PhD

Despite a strict control of immune processes in the central nervous system (CNS), CNS immunity is off balance during autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis, and in CNS tumors like gliomas or brain metastases where active immunosuppression takes place. Despite success in other solid tumors, immunotherapies such as checkpoint inhibition (CPI) have not achieved sufficient immune re-activation in brain tumors.

The focus of the team is to understand the complex mechanisms which lay behind a response or the resistance to cancer immunotherapies such as CPI, with the commitment to explore and exploit targets for improvement of clinical outcome. Previous data suggest a critical role for the myeloid compartment such as infiltrating macrophages as well as TCR repertoire and clonality, which we are currently looking at in detail to dissect microenvironmental and tumor-intrinisc determinants that shape a responsive phenotype.

Team members

  • Theresa Bunse, PhD - Team leader
  • Dennis Agardy, M.Sc - PhD student
  • Julia Gellert, MD student
  • Sophia Neureither, Master student
  • Verena Turco - MD student
  • Maximilian Zuber - MD student

Selected Publications


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