Immune monitoring and TCR discovery

Isabel Poschke, PhD

The immune monitoring unit is located at the NCT and analyzes samples from cancer patients of various entities enrolled in clinical trials. We are specialized in monitoring antigen specific adaptive immune responses and contribute to a number of phase I and phase II clinical trials in Heidelberg, across Germany, as well as to multinational trials.

In order to maximize the knowledge gained from clinical samples, we aim to decipher characteristics of successful T cell responses that enable effective immunotherapy, or that are induced during the course of an immunological intervention. We are particularly interested to understand T cell receptor (TCR) repertoire composition and dynamics, its change during treatment and the hallmarks of T cells carrying tumor-antigen specific receptors. As part of these efforts, we work towards a warehouse of tumor-reactive TCRs, both shared- and unique-neoantigen-specific, that could be applied therapeutically. This project focuses on samples of patients with brain tumors, either as primary tumor site or as site of metastasis from other solid tumor entities.


Team members

  • Isabel Poschke, PhD - Team leader
  • Katharina Lindner, M.Sc – PhD student
  • With support of the IMU team




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