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Namineni S, O'Connor T*, Faure-Dupuy S*, Johansen P, Riedl T, Liu K, Xu H, Singh I, Shinde P, Li F, Pandyra A, Sharma P, Ringelhan M, Muschaweckh A, Borst K, Blank P, Lampl S, Durantel D, Farhat R, Weber A, Lenggenhager D, Kündig TM, Staeheli P, Protzer U, Wohlleber D, Holzmann B, Binder M, Breuhahn K, Assmus LM, Nattermann J, Abdullah Z, Rolland M, Dejardin E, Lang PA, Lang KS, Karin M, Lucifora J, Kalinke U, Knolle PA, Heikenwälder M.
A dual role for hepatocyte-intrinsic canonical NF-kB signaling in virus control. J. Hepatol (2019). Accepted. *equal contribution.

Rubio K, Singh I, Dobersch S, Sarvari P, Günther S, Cordero J, Mehta A, Wujak L, Cabrera-Fuentes H, Chao C, Braubach P, Bellusci S, Seeger W, Günther A, Preissner K, Wygrecha M, Savai R, Papy-Garcia D, Dobreva G, Heikenwälder M, Pullamsetti S, Braun T, Barreto G#.
Inactivation of nuclear histone deacetylases by EP300 disrupts the MiCEE complex in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis. Nat Commun 2019 May. Doi: 10.1038/s41467-019-10066-7. #correspondence author.

Shrestha A*, Carraro G*, Nottet N, Vazquez-Armendariz AI, Herold S, Cordero J, Singh I, Wilhelm J, Barreto G, Morty R, El Agha E, Mari B, Chen C, Zhang JS, Chao CM#, Bellusci S#.
A critical role for miR-142 in alveolar epithelial lineage formation in mouse lung development. Cell Mol Life Sci 2019 Mar.
DOI: 10.1007/s00018-019-03067-8. *equal contributions, #correspondence author.

Singh I, Contreras A*, Cordero J*, Rubio K*, Dobersch S, Günther S, Jeratsch S, Mehta A, Krüger M, Graumann J, Seeger W, Dobreva G, Braun T and Barreto G.
MiCEE is a ncRNA-protein complex that mediates epigenetic silencing and nucleolar organization.
Nat Genet 2018 Jul; 50(7):990-1001. DOI: 10.1038/s41588-018-0139-3. *equal contributions.

Highlighted as Research of the month at Excellence Cluster Cardio-Pulmonary System ( June 2018.
Highlighted in Mammalian MicroRNA Travels into the Unknown Territory of the Nucleus to Epigenetically Silence Gene Expression at epigenie ( June 9th, 2018.

Mehta A*, Cordero J*, Dobersch S, Romero-Olmedo AJ, Savai R, Bodner J, Chao CM, Fink L, Guzmán-Díaz E, Singh I, Dobreva G, Rapp UR, Günther S, Ilinskaya ON, Bellusci S, Dammann RH, Braun T, Seeger W, Gattenlöhner S, Tresch A, Günther A and Barreto G.
Non-invasive lung cancer diagnosis by detection of GATA6 and NKX2-1 isoforms in exhaled breath condensate.
EMBO Mol Med; 2016 Dec; 8, 1380-1389. DOI: 10.15252/emmm.201606382 *equal contributions.

Ilinskaya ON*, Singh I*, Dudkina E#, Ulyanova V, Kayumov A and Barreto G#.
Direct inhibition of oncogenic KRAS by Bacillus pumilus ribonuclease (binase). BBA-Mol Cell Res; 2016 Jul;1863(7 Pt A):1559-67.
DOI: 10.1016/j.bbamcr.2016.04.005 *equal contributions, #correspondence author.

Singh I, Ozturk N, Mehta A, Cordero J, Hasan D, Cosentino C, Sebastian C, Krüger M, Looso M, Carraro G, Bellusci S, Seeger W, Braun T, Mostoslavsky R and Barreto G.
High Mobility Group protein mediated transcription requires DNA damage marker γ-H2AX.
Cell Res; 2015 Jul;25(7):837-50. DOI: 10.1038/cr.2015.67.

Highlighted in: Beato M, Wright RH and Vicent GP. DNA damage and gene transcription: accident or necessity? Cell Res, 2015, 25(7):769-70.

Singh I, Mehta A, Contreras A, Boettger T, Carraro G, Wheeler M, Cabrera-Fuentes HA, Bellusci S, Seeger W, Braun T and Barreto G.
Hmga2 is required for canonical WNT signaling during lung development.
BMC Biol; 2014 Mar 24;12:21. DOI: 10.1186/1741-7007-12-21.

Ozturk N, Singh I, Mehta A, Braun T and Barreto G.
HMGA proteins as modulators of chromatin structure during transcriptional activation.
Front Cell Dev Biol.; 2014 Mar 6;2:5. DOI: 10.3389/fcell.2014.00005.

Mukhametshina RT, Ruhs A, Singh I, Hasan D, Contreras A, Mehta A, Nikam VS, Ahlbrecht K, Carraro G, Cabrera-Fuentes HA, Jiang D, Voswinckel R, Seeger W, Bellusci S, Scharffetter-Kochanek K, Bagaeva TV, Preissner KT, Boettger T, Braun T, Krüger M and Barreto G.
Quantitative Proteome Analysis of Alveolar Type-II Cells Reveals a Connection of Integrin Receptor Subunits Beta 2/6 and WNT Signaling. J Proteome Res; 2013 Dec 6;12(12):5598-608.
DOI: 10.1021/pr400573k.


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