Howto install the project on Ubuntu this is just the short version:

0. get the latest "web cellHTS2" source code from the svn repo
1. compile the web cellHTS2 source using "mvn package"
2. deploy the compiled war file on a tomcat5.5 webserver
3. install R latest version (
4. install R package cellHTS2 (
5. install R package rserve (
6. create /temp under owner root with standard rights drwxr-xr-x on the server
7. create under /temp the folder cellHTS2 with the permissions 777
8. create a standard ubuntu user "rserve" (without root rights).
9. get uid and gid from rserve user (linux shell: id rserve) e.g. "uid=1001(rserve) gid=1001(rserve) groups=1001(rserve)"
10. configura Rserve to use that rserve user




uid 1001
gid 1001
11. if you configure your for email result sending you also have to install postfix and configure it

12. start Rserve as user root(I have also an init script for this if you like)

13. start web cellHTS2 in your browser