Basic workflow

Our analysis is based on peptides gained by enzymatic cleavage of proteins. The customer needs to provide a protein lysate, the protein concentration and the exact buffer composition (please contact us in advance to find an appropriate lysis method and buffer for best downstream analysis).



Mass Spectrometers

Our facility is equipped with the latest generation of Orbitrap-based mass spectrometers, the Q-Exactive-HF-X (Thermo Fisher Scientific). This instrument features high-sensitivity and scanning speed combined with sub-ppm mass accuracy and high resolution, making it perfectly suited for high-throughput proteome analysis with optimal data quality.

HPLC systems

The peptides analyzed in our mass spectrometers are online seperated in before using the Ultimate-3000 nano-Flow device (Thermo Fisher Scientific). This allows in-depth analysis of complex samples in single LC-MS runs.

The same Ultimate-3000 unit in an analytical flow setup is used for prior offline fractionation of peptides, used e.g. in Phosphoproteomics workflows.

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