Access for DKFZ-user

DKFZ-user can start Husar's web interface (W2H) within the DKFZ network (or via VPN) from

You can login to W2H from the internet (without VPN) by using the following URL:

To access Husar via command line mode, you need a SSH client installed on your computer. Linux users can use ssh provided by their distribution. To start a new session, type in your console window

$ssh <username>@husar2

and you will be prompted for your password. Windows users can install PuTTY from the DKFZ Softwaredepot. When you start PuTTY, you will see a dialog box. Enter

Host Name: husar2

Connection type: SSH.

Then press the 'Open' button and PuTTY will connect to our server. Enter your username and password to login.

Access for external user

External user can login to W2H from

or SSL encrypted via

Command line mode works the same way as described above but the hostname is

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