Modulation of redox biochemistry as an approach to cancer chemoprevention

The 'RedCat' Training Network comprises ten partners from universities, research institutes and companies from five European countries. It addresses current and emerging issues in Medicine and Agriculture, such as the need for disease-preventive antioxidants for an ageing population, antibiotics against drug-resistant bacteria and ‘green’ pesticides for a healthy and ecologically acceptable agriculture of the future.

The research of the network is based on the premise that a combination of natural products and redox control of cellular events can be used to resolve many of these issues. The project is divided in four work packages that combine elements of basic and applied research. They all incorporate multidisciplinary expertise and methods, from the extraction/design of agents and synthetic chemistry to biochemistry, cell culture and in vivo tests against pests. Together, the WP provide scientific challenges for four experienced and ten early stage researchers in natural products, antioxidants, intracellular redox processes, green pesticides, pharmacology and innovative ways of selectively killing cancer cells by using redox catalysts.

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