Available Technologies

Here you can browse the DKFZ's technologies available for licensing, download complete lists of available technologies and materials, and review entrepreneurial opportunities.

Available technologies list

A pdf file of most of our available technologies is available for download here.

Material and Software

A list (in pdf) of DKFZ’s materials available for licensing

Ready-to-sign agreements for materials and software for academics

Ready-to-sign agreements for materials and software to be used by academics/non-profits are also available on this page. Ready-to-sign agreements are non-negotiable and contain terms that non-profits can normally accept. These agreements have been created for popular materials in order to make the transfer of the materials or software fast and simple.

Please choose which material or software you would like to receive and download the agreement for such material. Instructions for each agreement are on the first page of each document.

Ready-to-sign agreements

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