Collaborate with Industry

Your involvement with a company can take many shapes: sponsored contract research, share PhD student, collaboration, staff exchange or consulting services are the main means of engaging industry.

Collaboration with industry is a project-related and time-limited joint effort. The DKFZ researchers are increasingly interested in such contacts with industry because they give the scientists access to large devices, prototypes or other advanced methods, for instance high-throughput screening. A separate contract tailored to the particular project is necessary, which the Office of Technology Transfer helps you with.


The process often looks like this:

  1. Scientist presents at a conference
  2. Industry approaches
  3. Follow-up (please sign a CDA [link] through the OTT)
  4. Shape a project plan
  5. Contact OTT for a contract
  6. OTT negotiates and finalizes the contract on your behalf.


OTT also has access to databases, which can help you identify potential industrial partners, research them or help shape your idea through patent literature research.

To find out who your representative within the OTT is, click here. For academic collaborations and clinical trials, please contact the Legal Department. For consortium agreements please contact the Project Management Department. For consulting agreements please contact the Human Resources Department.

Find out more about having a Joint Project through Bayer Alliance.

Go here for industrial collaboration-related FAQs: Cooperation with industry

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