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Müller, Ottonello, Bettini, Bolchi, Spagnoli, Rossi

Dry-powder formulation of a thermostable HPV antigen for vaccine delivery to the lungs (P-1406)

Keywords: Vaccines

We patented a dry-powder vaccine, which can be filled into monodose capsules and administered via ready-to-use inhalers. The technology uses a new formulation for the manufacturing of a respirable, dry-powder vaccine (i.e., containing both a recombinant antigen and an immune-stimulant) suitable for pulmonary administration. In addition we achieve enhanced immunogenicity and ultimately the efficacy of vaccination. more...

Müller, Zhao, Ottonello

Combined prophylactic and therapeutic Vaccines of HPV (P-1382)

Keywords: Therapeutics, Vaccines

Cervical cancer is women?s second most frequent cancer worldwide. Clinical and molecular studies have shown that certain types of HPV, referred to as high-risk types, are the etiological agents of this disease. Two anti-HPV virus-like particles (VLPs) vaccines for the prophylaxis of cervical cancer are on the market (Merck: GardasilTM and GlaxoSmithKline: CervarixTM). We developed a vaccine which is composed of an immunogenic polypeptide comprising (i) a B-cell epitope of HPV, (ii) a T-cell epitope of HPV, and (iii) the scaffold polypeptide thioredoxine. The vaccine can be used in prophylactic and therapeutic approaches against infections with human papillomaviruses. more...

Müller, Ottonello, Bolchi, Mariz, Balz, Zhao

Cutaneous human Papilloma Virus Vaccine (P-1358)

Keywords: Therapeutics, Vaccines

Infections with human papillomavirus (HPV) are a worldwide health challenge, particularly in resource-limited regions. HPV-related diseases are pre-malignancies or overt malignancies of the skin and mucosal surfaces and are an important personal and public health problem causing physical, mental, sexual and financial detriments. The World Health Organization estimates that there are approximately 14 million new HPV infections each year. We have developed an immunogenic polypeptide comprising a multitude of papilloma-virus (PV) L2 N-terminal peptides to protect against most cutaneous HPV types. more...

Delecluse, Tsai, Shumilov

Improved EBV Vaccine: BNRF1 inducing chromosomal instability (P-1309)

Keywords: Vaccines

This invention provides a safe Epstein-Barr Virus vaccine, which does not introduce chromosomal instabilities associated with cancer development.

Delecluse, Feederle, Hundt

Promising effective and safe Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) vaccine based on VLPs (P-989)

Keywords: Vaccines

Virus-like particles (VLPs) of EBV, completely devoid of viral DNA, for the prevention of infectious mononucleosis (IM) and EBV-associated diseases like lymphomas often developed in patients with immunosuppression.

Rubio, Müller, Tommasino, Ottonello, Bolchi

Presentation of HPV L2 Epitopes by using thioredoxin scaffold (P-824)

Keywords: Vaccines

The current invention provides a prophylactic HPV vaccine. Immunization against peptides from the HPV L2 protein gives a robust immune reaction that provides cross-protection against a variety of other high-risk HPV strains. The vaccine is based on a thioredoxin-L2 construct and can be produced in standard E. coli bacteria, which makes a cost-effective production feasible. more...

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