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Kachelrieß, Berker

Deep Scatter Estimation in Positron Emission Tomography and other modalities (P-1375)

Keywords: Devices, Software

This invention is based on the assumption that large-angle, low-energy scatter (which is usually discarded) contains useful information about low-angle, high-energy scatter (which shall be estimated) that can be leveraged by machine learning. The invention therefore uses energy measurements to discern measured photons by energy bin. Multiple raw-data images can be formed from raw data acquired in multiple energy bins, and used for machine-learning approaches such as convolutional neural networks. more...

Maier-Hein, Kirchner, Gröhl

Machine learning-based quantitative photoacoustic tomography (P-1284)

Keywords: Devices, Software

The proprietary technology includes a method, a computer program and an apparatus for estimating an optical property of a tissue from a photoacoustic image in a fast, simple and accurate manner allowing real-time, in vivo application. Specifying the optical properties of a tissue is vital for interpreting diagnostic measurements, designing devices and planning therapeutic protocols (e.g. photodynamic therapy). more...

Maier-Hein, Meinzer, Fangerau, Seitel

Mobile On-patient visualization device of medical images (P-952)

Keywords: Devices, Software

We developed a new concept for on-patient visualization of anatomical data acquired with an arbitrary modality (typically CT or MRI). The method is based on a mobile device consisting of a flat display and a Time-of-Flight (ToF) camera which can be moved along the patient to provide a view on internal anatomical structures via augmented reality. For this purpose, the pose of the mobile device, which represents the viewing direction of the user, is continuously estimated by registering (i.e., aligning) the ToF data acquired during the visualization process with the patient surface extracted from the 3D medical data set. During camera pose estimation, a custom-designed algorithm accounts for the camera specific localization errors. more...

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