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Niehrs, Lee, Sun

Treatment of acute myeloid leukemia (AML) (P-1502)

Keywords: Diagnostics, Research Tools

Acute myeloid leukemia (AML) is a malignancy of the hematopoietic system and arises from uncontrolled proliferation and impaired differentiation of myeloid precursors. Current therapeutic approaches have shown limited success rates, stressing the urgency to identify genes as potential new AML biomarkers or for direct AML therapy. Novel WNT-independent functions of R-spondins (RSPOs) in inhibition of bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) signaling were investigated, identifying the role of RSPO2 in growth and differentiation of AML cells. High RSPO2 expression was also identified to associated with poor prognosis, highlighting its potential for identification of AML risk patients. The present invention relates to an inhibitor of R-spondin 2 mediated BMP receptor inhibition for use in treating and/or preventing AML more...

Augustin, Felcht, Hübers, Pari, Petkov

Inhibition of metastasis development by nANGPTL-4 (P-1412)

Keywords: Therapeutics, Research Tools

Cancer is responsible for the majority of deaths in high income countries. Most cancer patients die as a result of the formation of macro-metastases. Despite the clinical relevance, the patho-mechanisms of metastatic outgrowth are still poorly understood. Different studies indicate that primary tumors can inhibit secondary malignancy formation in mice and men. This phenomena has been termed ?concomitant tumor resistance? (CTR). Yet, up to now this could not be translated successfully into therapy. We identified in an unbiased in-silico meta-analyses of >5000 patient samples a protein which supports the concept of CTR in terms of contextuality, as it - depending on its proteolytic cleavage - enhances primary tumor growth and inhibits metastases formation. In a plethora of in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo studies the function of this fragment was unraveled and assessed as major inhibitor of meta-stasis formation. Further, we generated this peptide recombinantly and used it in different therapeutic settings in murine metastasis models. more...

Turchinovich, Burwinkel

A method to prevent incorporation of DNA molecules into DNA libraries for massive parallel sequencing of RNA: DNA lock off (DLoff) (P-1357)

Keywords: Diagnostics, Research Tools

A method to prevent incorporation of DNA molecules into DNA libraries for massive parallel sequencing of RNA.

Watanabe, Monyer

Pipette device for delicate transfer of tissue in immunohistochemistry staining procedures (P-1295)

Keywords: Research Tools, Devices, 8

Staining of tissue is a standard method in biological laboratories, but also in clinical environment for diagnostics such as immunohistochemistry (IHC). After a certain incubation period the protocol often requires the transfer of the tissue into another staining chamber. This transfer is a critical step since the thickness of the paraffin embedded slices is smaller than 10 micrometers. As a technical solution a disposable pipette is engineered to have a hole at a specified spot for pressure regulation. This ensures that no under pressure occurs, which might be able to damage the tissue mechanically and/or inhibits the tissue from being sucked into the pipette. more...


A unique inducible mouse model of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) (P-1245)

Keywords: Research Tools

The mouse model faithfully mimics clinical conditions in HCC and allows evaluation of novel therapeutic strategies like immunotherapy or antiangiogenic therapy or vaccination. The tumor induction is tightly controlled by cre/loxP-system in a dose-dependent manner.


New Antibody against SUMO1 protein (P-1193)

Keywords: Therapeutics, Research Tools

The antibody of this invention is a mouse monoclonal antibody directed against SUMO176-86 recognizing SUMO1 of human, mouse, chicken and X. laevis. It is suitable for western blot and immune precipitation as well as for large-scale enrichment of SUMOylated species by IP / peptide elution.


Know-How: A natural rodent model system for papilloma-virus (PV) - induced cancer (P-1168)

Keywords: Research Tools

The Mastomys mouse model is the only existing natural laboratory model to investigate PV pathogenesis and tumor development in the skin, ear, eye and tongue and could help to develop prophylactic or therapeutic approaches to prevent those lesions.

Allgayer, Leupold

A Fast and Cost-Efficient In Vivo Model to Investigate Tumor Metastasis (P-1148)

Keywords: Research Tools

The invention discloses an improved version of the chorionallantic membrane, for accurate quantification of metastatic cells in different organs of the chicken embryo at a high sensitivity.

Schmidt, Oakes, Plass

Cell line for screening demethylating agents using an endogenous epigenetically silenced reporter (P-1045)

Keywords: Research Tools

The invention provides a cell based high-throughput screening system for agents that influence DNA methylation by determining the methylation status of an internal promoter.

Becker geb. Schoch, Jäschke, Samanta, Wießler

Multiple orthogonal labelling of oligonucleotides (P-1007)

Keywords: Research Tools

Labeled oligonucleotides are used in research and for diagnostic, therapeutic and industrial applications. Researchers from the DKFZ and the Heidelberg University developed a fast method for post-synthetic multiple orthogonal labeling of oligonucleotides by combining the inverse Diels-Alder reaction with the well-known copper-catalyzed azide-alkyne cycloaddition. more...

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