Technology Transfer

Bridging the gap between research and industry

The Office of Technology Transfer of the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) has been committed to making commercial use of the innovative potential of excellent cancer research since 1997. Working at the interface of research and industry, the team headed by Dr. Ruth Herzog helps to get new cancer medications, diagnostic tests procedures, and research instruments onto the market as quickly as possible.


  • To commercialize cancer research findings
  • To professionally manage, protect and market the ideas and innovations coming out of the DKFZ
The Office of Technology Transfer supports DKFZ scientists with patenting and works out the best marketing strategy for each new invention in consultation with them. One important decision, for example, is whether the application of the invention or technology would be best advanced by licensing, a cooperation agreement with industry, or the founding of a start-up. The revenues earned are plowed back into cancer research.


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Technology Transfer

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