Swing into action for cancer research

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Time and again people engage in their own creative initiatives to benefit cancer research. Here are some examples of fundraising campaigns in support of the German Cancer Research Center.
Our many thanks to all those who gathered donations on their own initiative in support of the German Cancer Research Center.

Fundraising activities for cancer research

FCKCNCR - fundraising initiative from Hamburg


A very interesting idea to support cancer research came from "FCKCNCR" in Hamburg. To draw attention to the disease and to get rid of the taboos connected with cancer, the founders are producing handmade bracelets. Since February 2016 the bracelets have been available for purchase in a specially designed online shop. Meanwhile almost 30,000 EUR have been raised. This impressive sum will be used to benefit cancer research.
We are very pleased by the ongoing support by FCKCNCR of our work at the German Cancer Research Center and we thank them for their unwavering commitment! Please find more information about the campaign on the website of FCKCNCR!

Lady's Voice – Our voices against cancer

The band Lady's Voice with Andi Deris
© Lady's Voice

The band "Lady's Voice" has been actively engaged for cancer research. In 2011, Danny Konz, lead singer of the band "Danny and the Boys", initiated this impressive fundraising campaign. In collaboration with female vocalists from the Karlsruhe, Pforzheim, Baden-Baden and Bühl region, she recorded the song "Give us your voice" specially composed fort this occasion and placed it on the Internet with a call for donations. The ten singers also sang in pedestrian zones to gather contributions. Altogether, 12,000 EUR was raised. Half of the money went to the Initiative For Children With Cancer "Stelzenmännchen" in Karlsruhe and the other half to the German Cancer Research Center. On the second fundraising campaign the following year her music colleague Andi Deris (Helloween) actively stood at her side and donated a new song "AnEmoria". By the fundraising deadline on December 2013, 28,000 EUR had been raised to benefit the German Cancer Research Center and the children's hospice in Karlsruhe. And there is more to come. The singers in the band continued to remain active during their numerous concerts and campaigns, calling out for donations. In total, about 20,000 EUR were donated to the German Cancer Research Center!

Kicking the ball for a good cause


An exceptional football game took place on Pentecost Sunday at the SV Weisenheim am Sand sports grounds. Andreas Stoebner, a former member of the team, brought together numerous players for a benefit football game. All of the proceeds on that day, including the salary of the band that played at the end of the game, were donated to cancer research. Altogether 2,025 EUR was raised. This was made possible only through the aid of numerous participants including the restaurant "Ionio" in Weisenheim am Sand and the group "Le Petit Jardin". Our thanks goes out to Andreas Stoebner and all of the other people who made donations!

The beard comes off

© private

Curiosity ran high among the regulars at Jameson Distillery Pubs in Köln: How would Craig Fyfe the Barkeeper look without his magnificent facial hairs?
For a donation of 1,000 EUR for the German Cancer Research Center Craig Fyfe was prepared to disclose the secret. Finally a contribution of 3,210.69 EUR was raised. And – as if it were not enough, the donations continued so that all together 3,400 EUR was raised for cancer research. Our heartfelt thanks to all supporters and donators! And special thanks to Craig Fyfe for his courage to strip his face bare!


© private

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