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"Heidelberg Runs for Cancer Research" in May 2017

Spendenlauf Krebsforschung Flyer 2017

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Cancer represents one of the greatest challenges of our time. In Germany alone, nearly 500,000 people add to the list every year. DKFZ organizes the charity run "Heidelberg runs for Cancer Research" every year in May. The goal is to provide information to the general public concerning this disease and particularly to point out the positive role physical activity plays in cancer prevention and recovery. By participating in the event the runners will be supporting cancer research.

Your benefits of a sponsoring partnership
The DKFZ charity run is an established running event that has generated a great deal of interest in the general public: The event has been completely booked out in the past few years with 600 people participating. This year, 800 starting slots will be available. The publicity you receive through a sponsoring partnership is to your benefit. What's more: as a partner and supporter of DKFZ, one of the largest charitable research institutions in Germany, you can further distinguish yourself in the public eye.

Please feel free to contact us, if you are interested in a sponsoring partnership!

Your Contact Person

Alexandra Stumpf

Private Funding
Phone: + 49 6221 42-2656

We would be happy to discuss your individual options with you. We are very grateful for your support of cancer research!


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