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Fundraising Campaign on the occasion of World Cancer Day 2017

February 2017
© Liselotte-Gymnasium Mannheim

On the occasion of World Cancer Day, February 4th, the students at Liselotte Gymnasium in Mannheim collected donations for cancer research. They sold hand made blue ribbons at school and donated the money to the German Cancer Research Center.
The photograph was taken during the presentation of the donation at "Lilo". The attendees were Michelle Mechler, Niko Vasiliadis Hannah Meder and Franziska Welker from SMV (student council) and Alexandra Stumpf from DKFZ (in the center).
The German Cancer Research Center would like to offer its heartfelt thanks to all of the students for their fundraising initiative!


Donation by Otto Müller GmbH

December 2016
© Otto Müller GmbH

In 2016 Otto Müller GmbH once again chose "Donations Instead of Gifts" as their Christmas motto. Thanks to this impressive commitment, the INFORM registry study was very pleased to receive over 5.000 EUR. The study looks at innovative treatment concepts for children with cancer.
The German Cancer Research Center offers its thanks to the family enterprise in Bammental for their very generous support of paediatric oncology.

The Edeltraut Blickle Foundation supports Cancer Research

December 2016

Edeltraut Blickle, an entrepreneur who died in 1992, has allocated a substantial sum of her fortune in the service of health promotion. Shortly before her death she set up a foundation to use her revenues to support general nursing care, as well as medical research institutes. The Edeltraut Blickle-Foundation has donated 40,000 EUR to the German Cancer Research Center this year. The executive board and colleagues offer their heartfelt thanks for this generous contribution.

Baking Cookies for a good Cause

December 2016
© private

Just like last year Doris Pütz baked Christmas cookies for a good cause. Friends and colleagues could purchase the cookies packed in little boxes, deciding for themselves what amount they would like to contribute. One colleague created a delicious Praline that was added to the box. A total sum of 600 EUR was put together within the framework of the fundraising campaign. The German Cancer Research Center expresses its heartfelt thanks to all of the people who donated and came up with such a wonderful idea in support of cancer research.

Renewed Donation for Pediatric Oncology from Sulzfeld

December 2016
© DKFZ/Jutta Jung

On this occasion, Paul also brought his sister with him. Together with their parents Jenny and Marcel they presented a donation in support of the clinical cooperation unit Pediatric Oncology. The donation was the result of the renewed commitment in support of further research in cancer diseases in children of many people living in Sulzbach. Dr. Till Milde, Senior Physician at the center for Youth Medicine and Pediatrics, and scientist at the German Cancer Research Center accepted the donation offering his heartfelt thanks to all those who participated.

A generous Donation instead of Customer Gifts

November 2016
© mdex

As every year, the question has been asked at mdx AG, to what extent Christmas gifts should be sent to customers. On this occasion Dennis Paul, head of m2m communication, seized the initiative. He suggested a donation to benefit cancer research instead, to "achieve something really useful". The company, located in Hamburg, subsequently transferred 3.000 EUR to the German Cancer Research Center. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks for the initiative and the generous donation.
In the photo we see Dennis Paul who created this campaign.

Student collects Donations with her final Paper

November 2016
© private

Janina Kummerfeldt had a particularly creative idea. She was confronted with the challenge to win over participants for an inquiry within the framework of her final paper on the unusual topic: “Hygiene standards and consumer research”. In order to get as many participants as possible, she promised that every filled out questionnaire would contribute 10 cents to the German Cancer Research Center. She provided the link to the questionnaire on Facebook – with great success. In just six hours over one thousand people participated! At that point, some citizens of her hometown Stelle took the opportunity to collect money for cancer research extending Janina’s project. The money collected will go to benefit child brain tumor research.
Many thanks for the wonderful idea in support of our work!

Birthday Benefit Concert

September 2016
© private

Upon the occasion of her 18th birthday Michaela Meurer organized the event "Donate & Celebrate According to Plan". The party, a “Cologne Evening” with different live bands, drinks, snacks, etc, took place in the middle of September at the Heidkamp Cultural Center. To join the celebration, the guests could purchase tickets in advance or at the door. All the proceeds of the evening went to benefit cancer research. Altogether 1,129.30 EUR were raised and generously donated to the German Cancer Research Center. The guests were so enthusiastic, that they talked Frau Meurer into repeating her donation campaign next year. Our many thanks to the organizers, their guests, sponsors, musicians and all those who donated, for their commitment in support of cancer research.

Bicycling for a good Cause
Tom Milla fundraising campaign Cancer Research

August 2016
© private

Bicycling from England to Germany: Brothers Russell and Phil took on the entire 800 km. One reason was also four-year-old Milla who was diagnosed with a brain tumor a year before.  To support Milla and her family the two undertook a weeklong bicycle journey. During their tour they collected donations for cancer research. The German Cancer Research Center expresses its heartfelt thanks for this impressive dedication! The money will go to benefit child brain tumor research.

The two bicyclists can be seen in the adjacent photo. The bear in the middle was their “traveling companion” and a gift for Milla from England.

Donation from EMBL to DKFZ
fundraising campaign Cancer Research

July 2016
© DKFZ/Nicole Schuster

A very generous check was presented by: (from left) Rachel Mellwig, Sean Nightingale and Catherine Floyd from the EMBL staff association. Senior physician Dr. Till Milde from the Clinical Cooperation Unit Pediatric Oncology accepted the proceeds from this year’s raffle. The money will be used for further childhood brain tumor research. Our heartfelt thanks go out to the colleagues from EMBL!

Generous Donation from the Cancer Research Foundation Europe

July 2016
© DKFZ/Tobias Schwerdt

The European Cancer Research Foundation has been generously supporting the work of DKFZ for many years. In June of 2016 Claus-Werner Kilgus (2. to the right) delivered once again a generous donation, on this occasion for the improvement of prostate therapy. Prof. Heinz-Peter Schlemmer (2. from left) as well as Prof. Michael Boutros (1. to the left) and Prof. Josef Puchta extend their special thanks.

DKFZ–Charity Run „Heidelberg Runs for Cancer Research" 2016

May 2016
© DKFZ/Uwe Anspach

On Sunday, May 29, the German Cancer Research Center organized the charity run "Heidelberg Runs for Cancer Research” for the sixth time. In radiant sunshine about 600 walkers and runners completed a stretch along the Neckar and through Heidelberg’s Hauptstraße. Like every year the entry fee goes to the benefit of cancer research. We want to thank all of the participants and helpers for their efforts!

FRIMO collects for Cancer Research
FRIMO Sontra fundraising campaign Cancer Research

March 2016

Once again this year FRIMO Sontra GmbH held the traditional raffle with their employees, demonstrating proof of their social engagement. FRIMO employees could buy raffle tickets and win prizes. Nobody drew blanks – every ticket offered a smaller or larger prize from a wide range of the company’s products. Over 1,230 EUR were raised and presented to the German Cancer Research Center by manager Bernd Risse, along with Uwe Schulze, chairman of the works council.

Another Donation Campaign to benefit Cancer Research
Bauhaus fundraising campaign Cancer Research

February 2016
© DKFZ/Nicole Schuster

The do-it-yourself store Bauhaus, located in Heidelberg's Bahnstadt, celebrated its 5th birthday. Upon this occasion it held a raffle to benefit cancer research.  Customers could buy tickets and win prizes. There were no blanks – every ticket came with a small or larger prize from a wide range of products from this store. Over 1,500 EUR were raised through ticket sales. Deputy general manager Niko Kösling presented the check. Prof. Josef Puchta offered his heartfelt thanks for the donation campaign.

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