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Radiotherapy is a comprehensive and fast-moving discipline which plays a major role in cancer care. Software tools which support and simplify the quantitative evaluation process of radiotherapy are essential to support decision makings and improve therapy effectiveness.
RTToolbox is a software library to support quantitative analysis of treatment outcome for radiotherapy.

The RTToolbox was designed following object-oriented design (OOD) principles and was implemented in the language C++. It supports the import of radiotherapy data (e.g. dose distributions and structure sets) from arbitrary format (e.g. stored in DICOM-RT standard format using the open source library DCMTK).

The RTToolbox supports the full range of radiotherapy evaluation. Tools such as DVH calculation, arithmetic operations on dose distributions and structure relationship analysis (e.g. fully-contained, partially-contained) are provided as a basis for further calculations. Dose comparison indices such as Conformity Index (CI), Homogeneity Index (HI) and Conformation Number (CN), and biological models including TCP, NTCP, EUD and BED are determined from dose distributions and DVHs. The RTToolbox can be easily extended to support other data format, comparison indices and models. A PostgreSQL database was designed to store study information and analysis results. The communication interfaces between toolbox and database are provided as well. Thus, using the RTToolbox radiotherapy evaluation applications can be built easily and quickly.

The RTToolbox can be downloaded at https://sourceforge.net/projects/rttb/

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