Dual-labeled PSMA-Inhibitors for pre- and intraoperative detection of prostate cancer

Resection of lymph node metastases using image-guided surgery is of high clinical relevance and might have considerable impact on the outcome of oligometastatic prostate cancer patients. In order to further improve the intraoperative accuracy of detecting PSMA-positive tumor lesions, dual-labeled PSMA-inhibitors based on PSMA-11 have been designed. These dual-labeled radiopharmaceuticals allow the combination of preoperative staging by means of PET/CT and intraoperative fluorescence-guided surgery for a more precise detection of metastasis or neoplastic lymph nodes. As demonstrated in preclinical and in vivo proof-of-concept studies, dual-labeled PSMA-inhibitors provide PSMA-specific fluorescence signals and promising pharmacokinetic properties in surgical settings indicating the high potential for its future clinical translation. The dual-labeled PSMA-inhibitors investigated in this work might help to establish a novel treatment regimen for a more precise and sensitive pre-, intra- and post-therapeutic detection of prostate cancer.

Henry N. Wagner, Jr, MD Image of the year Award 2017 (Baranski AC et al.) of the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI) – 64th Annual Meeting, Denver, CO, USA.
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