Research Program D: Tumor Immunology


Below you will find DKFZ divisions and research groups of the Research Program Tumor Immunology who are interested in recruiting Postdocs within the 2018 DKFZ Postdoctoral Fellowships Selection.

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list and new groups are continously added.

You may also contact the principal investigator of the DKFZ research group of your choice directly to discuss about current possibilities. More information about hiring labs can be found below and descriptions of DKFZ research programs via the general topic locator.

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B Cell Immunology – Prof. Dr. Hedda Wardemann



The B Cell Immunology Department studies B cell and more recently also T cell responses in humans and mouse models. The long-term goal of the Division is to determine how differences in the antigen receptor repertoire are associated with protective vs. nonprotective adaptive immune responses. Our research aims at (I) understanding how the repertoire is shaped on a molecular and functional level by antigen-driven selection, (II) defining qualitative differences in the B cell and T cell repertoires in health and disease, (III) identifying protective antibodies and T cell receptors and exploring their therapeutic potential in cancer and infectious diseases and at (IV) developing strategies for the targeted manipulation of the adaptive immune system to induce protective responses. To characterize the quality of adaptive immune responses at single cell level, we developed a high-throughput antigen receptor gene sequencing and expression-cloning platform. The use of this platform provides full-length paired immunoglobulin or T cell receptor gene information that is stored in a database and linked to a bioinformatic analysis pipeline for in-depth analyses. The platform has enabled us to obtain detailed phenotypic, genotypic and functional insights in the quality, molecular features, and clonal evolution of human memory B cell antibody responses (Triller et al. Immunity 2017, Murugan et al. Sci. Immunol. 2018, Rollenske et al. Nat. Immunol. 2018, Imkeller et al. Science 2018).



We welcome applicants with a strong interest in basic immunology to address fundamental questions with high relevance to human disease.

Please visit our website for further information on our research and recent publications.


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