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Publications with Impact Factor 2019 >=10


S Maheswaran*, LV Sequist*, S Nagrath*, L Ulkus, B Brannigan, C Collura, E Inserra, S Diederichs, AJ Iafrate, DW Bell, S Digumarthy, A Muzikansky, D Irimia, J Settleman, RG Tompkins, TJ Lynch, M Toner, DA Haber: "Detecting Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Mutations in Circulating Tumor Cells from Patients with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer"
New England Journal of Medicine (2008) 359: 366-377
IF: 75

A Roth, S Diederichs: "RAP and ChIRP about X inactivation" 
Nature (2015) 521: 170-171
IF: 43

I Surolia*, SP Pirnie*, V Chellappa*, KN Taylor*, A Cariappa*, J Moya, H Liu, DW Bell, D Driscoll, S Diederichs, K Haider, I Netravali, S Le, R Elia, E Dow, A Lee, J Freudenberg, PL De Jager, Y Chretien, A Varki, ME MacDonald, T Gillis, TW Behrens, D Bloch, D Collier, J Korzenik, DK Podolsky, D Hafler, M Murali, B Sands, JH Stone, PK Gregersen, S Pillai: "Functionally defective germline variants of sialic acid acetylesterase in autoimmunity"
Nature (2010) 466: 243-247
IF: 43

S Diederichs, DA Haber: "Dual Role for Argonautes in microRNA Processing and post-transcriptional Regulation of microRNA Expression"
Cell (2007) 131: 1097-1108
IF: 39

M Klingenberg, A Matsuda, S Diederichs*, T Patel*: "Non-coding RNA in hepatocellular carcinoma: Mechanisms, biomarkers and therapeutic targets"
Journal of Hepatology (2017) 67: 603-618
IF: 21

S Dhamija*, CM Yang*, J Seiler, K Myacheva, M Caudron-Herger, A Wieland, M Abdelkarim, Y Sharma, M Riester, M Groß, J Maurer, S Diederichs: "A Pan-Cancer Analysis reveals Nonstop Extension Mutations causing SMAD4 Tumor Suppressor Degradation"
Nature Cell Biology (2020) 22: 999-1010
IF: 20

J Winter*, S Jung*, S Keller, RI Gregory, S Diederichs: "Many roads to maturity: microRNA biogenesis pathways and their regulation"
Nature Cell Biology (2009) 11: 228-234
IF: 20

H Sültmann, S Diederichs: "Long non-coding RNA: LNCs to cancer"
European Urology (2014) 65: 1152-1153
IF: 18

C Müller-Tidow, W Wang, GE Idos, S Diederichs, R Yang, C Readhead, WE Berdel, H Serve, M Saville, R Watson, HP Koeffler: "Cyclin A1 directly interacts with B-myb and Cyclin A1/cdk2 phosphorylate B-myb at functionally important serine and threonine residues: tissue-specific regulation of B-myb function"
Blood (2001) 97: 2091-2097
IF: 18

C Müller, R Yang, GE Idos, N Tidow, S Diederichs, OM Koch, W Verbeek, TP Bender, HP Koeffler: "c-myb Transactivates the Human Cyclin A1 Promoter and Induces Cyclin A1 Gene Expression"
Blood (1999) 94: 4255-4262
IF: 18

M Caudron-Herger
, SF Rusin, ME Adamo, J Seiler, V Schmid, E Barreau, AN Kettenbach, S Diederichs: "R-DeeP: Proteome-wide and Quantitative Identification of RNA-dependent Proteins by Density Gradient Ultracentrifugation"
Molecular Cell (2019) 75: 184-199
IF: 16

M Klingenberg, M Groß, A Goyal, M Polycarpou-Schwarz
, T Miersch, AS Ernst, J Leupold, N Patil, U Warnken, H Allgayer, T Longerich, P Schirmacher, M Boutros, S Diederichs: "The lncRNA CASC9 and RNA binding protein HNRNPL form a complex and co-regulate genes linked to AKT signaling"
Hepatology (2018) 68: 1817-1832
IF: 15

T Gutschner*, M Hämmerle*, N Pazaitis*, N Bley, E Fiskin, H Uckelmann, A Heim, M Groß, N Hofmann, R Geffers, B Skawran, T Longerich, K Breuhahn, P Schirmacher, B Mühleck, S Hüttelmaier*, S Diederichs*: "The Insulin-like Growth Factor 2 mRNA-Binding Protein 1 (IGF2BP1) is an important pro-tumorigenic factor in hepatocellular carcinoma"
Hepatology (2014) 59: 1900-1911
IF: 15

L Quagliata, MS Matter, S Piscuoglio, L Arabi, C Ruiz, A Procino, M Kovac, F Moretti, Z Makowska, T Boldanova, JB Andersen, M Hämmerle, L Tornillo, MH Heim, S Diederichs, C Cillo*, LM Terracciano*: "IncRNA HOTTIP / HOXA13 expression is associated with disease progression and predicts outcome in hepatocellular carcinoma patients"
Hepatology (2014) 59: 911-923
IF: 15

M Hämmerle*, T Gutschner*, H Uckelmann, S Ozgur, E Fiskin, M Groß, B Skawran, R Geffers, T Longerich, K Breuhahn, P Schirmacher, G Stoecklin, S Diederichs: "Post-transcriptional destabilization of the liver-specific long non-coding RNA HULC by the IGF2 mRNA-binding protein 1 (IGF2BP1)"
Hepatology (2013) 58: 1703-1712
IF: 15

F Haderk, R Schulz, M Iskar, LL Cid, T Worst, KV Willmund, A Schulz, U Warnken, J Seiler, A Benner, M Nessling, T Zenz, M Göbel, J Dürig, S Diederichs, J Paggetti, E Moussay, S Stilgenbauer, M Zapatka, P Lichter, M Seiffert: "Tumor-derived exosomes modulate PD-L1 expression in monocytes"
Science Immunology (2017) 2: eaah5509
IF: 13

M Gandhi, M Caudron-Herger, S Diederichs
:"RNA motifs and combinatorial
prediction of non-coding RNA interaction, stability and localization"
Nature Structural & Molecular Biology (2018) 25: 1070-1076
IF: 12

S Diederichs
: "microTerminator: 'Hasta la vista, lncRNA !' "
Nature Structural & Molecular Biology (2015) 22: 279-281
IF: 12

M Gandhi, M Groß, JM Holler, SA Coggins, N Patil, JH Leupold, M Munschauer, M Schenone, CR Hartigan, H Allgayer, B Kim, S Diederichs: "The lncRNA lincNMR regulates nucleotide metabolism via a YBX1 - RRM2 axis in cancer"
Nature Communications (2020) 11: 3214
IF: 12

Y Sharma*, M Miladi*, S Dukare*, K Boulay*, M Caudron-Herger, M Groß, R Backofen, S Diederichs: "A pan-cancer analysis of synonymous mutations"
Nature Communications (2019) 10: 2569
IF: 12

D Nachmani, T Gutschner, A Reches, S Diederichs*, O Mandelboim*: "RNA binding proteins regulate the expression of the immune activating ligand MICB"
Nature Communications (2014) 5: 4186
IF: 12

M Caudron-Herger, RE Jansen, E Wassmer, S Diederichs
: "RBP2GO: A comprehensive pan-species database on RNA-binding proteins, their interactions and functions"
Nucleic Acids Research (2021) 49: D425-D436
IF: 12

M Miladi*, M Raden*, S Diederichs, R Backofen: "MutaRNA: analysis and visualisation of mutation-induced changes in RNA structure"
Nucleic Acids Research (2020) 48: W287-W291
IF: 12

Q Sun*, V Tripathi*,#, JH Yoon#, DK Singh, Q Hao, KW Min, S Davila, RW Zealy, XL Li, M Polycarpou-Schwarz, E Lehrmann, Y Zhang, KG Becker, SM Freier, Y Zhu, S Diederichs, SG Prasanth, A Lal, M Gorospe, KV Prasanth#: "MIR100 host gene-encoded lncRNAs regulate cell cycle by modulating the interaction between HuR and its target mRNAs"
Nucleic Acids Research (2018) 46: 10405-10416
IF: 12

G Dumbović, J Biayna, J Banús, J Samuelsson, A Roth, S Diederichs, S Alonso, M Buschbeck, M Perucho*, SV Forcales*: "A novel long non-coding RNA from NBL2 pericentromeric macrosatellite forms a perinucleolar aggregate structure in colon cancer"
Nucleic Acids Research (2018) 46: 5504-5524

T Mlambo, S Nitsch, M Hildenbeutel, M Romito, M Müller, C Bossen, S Diederichs, T Cornu, T Cathomen, C Mussolino: "Designer epigenome modifiers enable robust and sustained gene silencing in clinically relevant human cells"
Nucleic Acids Research (2018) 46: 4456-4468
IF: 12

R Soares, G Maglieri, T Gutschner, S Diederichs, A Lund, B Nielsen, K Holmstrøm: "Evaluation of fluorescence in situ hybridization techniques to study long non-coding RNA expression in cultured cells"
Nucleic Acids Research
(2018) 46: e4
IF: 12 

A Goyal, E Fiskin, T Gutschner, M Polycarpou-Schwarz, M Groß, J Neugebauer, M Gandhi, M Caudron-Herger,
V Benes, S Diederichs: "A cautionary tale of sense-antisense gene pairs: Independent regulation despite inverse correlation of expression"
Nucleic Acids Research (2017) 45: 12496-12508
IF: 12

J Seiler, M Breinig, M Caudron-Herger, M Polycarpou-Schwarz, M Boutros, S Diederichs: "The lncRNA VELUCT strongly regulates viability of lung cancer cells despite its extremely low abundance"
Nucleic Acids Research (2017) 45: 5458-5469
IF: 12 

A Goyal, K Myacheva, M Groß, M Klingenberg, B Duran-Arque, S Diederichs: "Challenges of CRISPR / Cas9 applications for long non-coding RNA genes" 
Nucleic Acids Research (2017) 45: e12
IF: 12 

S Link*, S Grund*, S Diederichs: "Alternative splicing affects the subcellular localization of Drosha"
Nucleic Acids Research (2016) 44: 5330-5343
IF: 12 

J Haar, M Contrant, K Bernhardt, R Feederle, S Diederichs, S Pfeffer, HJ Delecluse: "The expression of a viral microRNA is regulated by clustering to allow optimal B cell transformation"
Nucleic Acids Research (2016) 44: 1326-1341
IF: 12

J Winter, S Link, D Witzigmann, C Hildenbrand, C Previti, S Diederichs: "Loop-miRs: Active microRNAs generated from single-stranded loop regions"
Nucleic Acids Research (2013) 41: 5503-5512
IF: 12

T Palm, K Hemmer, J Winter, I Fricke, K Tarbashevich, F Sadegi Shakib, I Rudolph, A Hillje, P De Lucca, L Bahnassawy, R Madel, T Viel, A de Siervi, A Jacobs, S Diederichs, J Schwamborn: "A systemic transcriptome analysis reveals the regulation of neural stem cell maintenance by an E2F1-miRNA feedback loop"
Nucleic Acids Research (2013) 41: 3699-3712
IF: 12

T Gutschner, M Baas, S Diederichs: "Non-coding RNA gene silencing through genomic integration of RNA destabilizing elements using zinc finger nucleases"
Genome Research (2011) 21: 1944-1954
IF: 11

S Diederichs
: "The four dimensions of non-coding RNA conservation"
Trends in Genetics (2014) 30: 121-123
IF: 11

M Caudron-Herger, E Wassmer, I Nasa, AS Schultz, J Seiler, AN Kettenbach, S Diederichs: "Identification, quantification and bioinformatic analysis of RNA-dependent proteins by RNase treatment and density gradient ultracentrifugation using R-DeeP"
Nature Protocols (2020) 15: 1338-1370
IF: 10

RM de Guia, AJ Rose, A Sommerfeld, O Seibert, D Strzoda, A Zota, Y Feuchter, A Krones-Herzig, T Sijmonsma, M Kirilov, C Sticht, N Gretz, G Dallinga-Thie, S Diederichs, N Klöting, M Blüher, M Berriel Diaz, S Herzig:"microRNA-379 couples glucocorticoid hormones to dysfunctional lipid homeostasis"
EMBO Journal (2015) 34: 344-360
IF: 11

G Stoecklin, S Diederichs: "tRNAs: New tricks from old dogs"
EMBO Journal (2014) 33: 1981-1983
IF: 10

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