Dr. Andrey Turchinovich

Dr. Andrey Turchinovich

Dr. Andrey Turchinovich


+49 6221 42 1461


Im Neuenheimer Feld 581




The sensitivity of current methods of DNA libraries preparation for Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) is not high enough to capture circulating nucleic acids from body fluids, or from any other sources containing low content of DNA and RNA. I am developing highly sensitive methods for the analysis of circulating nucleic acids with NGS approach. We are using those methods to characterize the difference in circulating nucleic acids content in the blood plasmas of cancer patients and healthy controls with the ultimate goal of finding biomarkers for early diagnosis of the disease.

The second direction of my research is focused on miRNA, piRNA and siRNA binding proteins of Argonaute family and their role in transcriptional regulation of gene expression in human.

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