HiGHmed: Heidelberg - Göttingen - Hannover: Medical Informatics

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The HiGHmed consortium unites three leading international medical faculties and university hospitals with complementary skills: Heidelberg, Göttingen and Hanover. They are joined by the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), based in Heidelberg. HiGHmed aims to enhance the efficiency of clinical research and improve patient care through novel medical informatics solutions and cross-institutional data exchange. Data integration centres (DICs) will be established at each participating university hospital to enable cross-institutional data sharing and integration. These centres will work closely with a further DIC, dedicated to genomics and radiomics data, at DKFZ. The DICs will leverage a flexible, generic reference architecture based on open-source standards to allow its use by other sites, including the incorporation of new sources of data. Three medical use cases, on oncology, cardiology and infection control, form the basis for planning for the HiGHmed DICs and integration platform.


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