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As common practice in larger medical institutions and research centers, clinical and scientific data are documented and stored in different computer systems for various reasons. Unfortunately, these storage systems are generally not optimized to integrate and exchange these data in a customized way as it is often needed in order to analyze them.

The DataThereHouse (DTH) project aims to establish a data warehouse which contains both the clinical and scientific data of the oncological patients of the National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT) and research data of the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ).

With the help of the DTH, the patient care provided at the University Hospital Heidelberg (UKHD) and at the NCT would be supported, as well as fostering the oncological research carried out at the UKHD, DKFZ and NCT.

In addition to the integration of clinical data originated from patient care, the DTH would also integrate scientific data i.e. genomics and radiomics datasets. This way, the DTH project would facilitate the bonding between the medical and the scientific world without limiting its influence only to Heidelberg but by supporting the integration of knowledge databases and the exchange of data in existing and future collaborations.

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