Functional and Molecular Emission Computed Tomography


To further improve and enhance the diagnostic value of emission tomographic imaging systems (PET, SPECT) group-specific long-term aims are focused on the development of optimized image reconstruction strategies as well as tracer-specific pharmacokinetic models. Most recently, instrumentation and algorithm development for optical imaging approaches has become another primary research area. To accomplish our aims, there have been developed recent tools for realistic simulation of tomographic imaging systems using dynamic analytically defined complex anthropomorphic phantoms, for 3D image reconstruction techniques using specific scatter and attenuation correction methods, as well as for tracer kinetic studies using region-based and voxel-based model implementations.


Given the existing equipment and the experience of our staff, support can be provided on the following subjects

  • Application-Specific Monte Carlo Simulation
  • Tracer-Kinetic Modeling
  • PET Image Reconstruction
  • SPECT Image Reconstruction
  • Optical Imaging Technologies
  • Multi-Modality Image Registration

Job Opportunities

Currently there are no positions available

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