Practical Course HP-F12: Immunological Methods

Type: Practical Course with Student Seminars

Date: 5.-23. July 2021



Christian Busse, Stefan Eichmüller, Viktor Umansky (responsible organizer contacts:,,
Guoliang Cui, Branko Cirovic, Nikolaus Dietlein, Christine Engeland, Thorsten Feyerabend, Johannes Heidbüchel, Katharina Imkeller Wolfram Osen, Thomas Plum, Sandrine Sander


Methods in experimental immunology and tumor immunology including cellular analysis, single-cell assays, sequencing, and various functional assays. The practical course covers a selection of these methods routinely applied by research groups working in the tumor immunology field.

Contents (practical part):

  • Introduction into flow cytometry and cell sorting
  • B cell development
  • Sequence and repertoire analysis of immunoglobulins
  • Affinity maturation of antibodies
  • Quantification of the type 1 hyper-reactive mast cell degranulation
  • T cell metabolism
  • Bi-specific T-cell engagers (BiTEs)
  • Detection of immune cell infiltration in tumors using immunofluorescence techniques
  • Detection of antigen-specific T cells using FACS-based cytokine secretion assay
  • Functional T cell assays: ICS, ELISPOT, ELISA

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