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DKFZ Collaborations - worldwide partners!

The German Cancer Research Center engages in a multitude of national and international cooperations as well as strategic alliances with industrial companies.

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Platform for current and former DKFZ employees

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Major Cancer Biology group on LinkedIn - stay in touch!

Major Cancer Biology Alumni, all current and former students of the program, can get and stay in touch, for the exchange of career advise, first-hand information, peer mentoring, etc., in our LinkedIn group.  

The group is steadily growing and if you are a former or present student of Major Cancer Biology simply request to join (the above picture is a weblink) and see who's there already!

MolBio Students Activities - for all Majors!



  • Student Speakers Committee
  • Study Buddy
  • BIOspective: Talks from a new perspective
  • Biosciences Retreat
  • Journal Club
  • Biosciences Soccer Team

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