Laboratory of Oncolytic Virus Immuno-Therapeutics

The Laboratory of Oncolytic Virus Immuno-Therapeutics (LOVIT)

Dr. Antonio Marchini


The Laboratory of Oncolytic-Virus-Immuno-Therapeutics (LOVIT) is a joint research Unit between the Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH) and the DKFZ established in 2017 to advance research on oncolytic virus immunotherapy. LOVIT is headed by Antonio Marchini and presently includes three post-docs and two technical assistants working in Heidelberg and/or Luxembourg laboratories.


Dr. Antonio Marchini
The Laboratory of Oncolytic Virus Immuno-Therapeutics (LOVIT) (F011)
Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum
Im Neuenheimer Feld 280
69120 Heidelberg
Tel: +49 6221 42 4969

Selected Publications

  • Marchini, A., Scott, E. M., and Rommelaere, J. (2016) Overcoming Barriers in Oncolytic Virotherapy with HDAC Inhibitors and Immune Checkpoint Blockade. Viruses 8
  • Marchini, A., Bonifati, S., Scott, E. M., Angelova, A. L., and Rommelaere, J. (2015) Oncolytic parvoviruses: from basic virology to clinical applications. Virol J 12, 6
  • Nuesch, J. P., Lacroix, J., Marchini, A., and Rommelaere, J. (2012) Molecular pathways: rodent parvoviruses--mechanisms of oncolysis and prospects for clinical cancer treatment. Clin Cancer Res 18, 3516-3523
  • Allaume, X., El-Andaloussi, N., Leuchs, B., Bonifati, S., Kulkarni, A., Marttila, T., Kaufmann, J. K., Nettelbeck, D. M., Kleinschmidt, J., Rommelaere, J., and Marchini, A. (2012) Retargeting of rat parvovirus H-1PV to cancer cells through genetic engineering of the viral capsid. J Virol 86, 3452-3465
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