We are responsible for education and training on laboratory animal scientific topics.

Education and training of persons carrying out animal experiments (EU-function A, C, D)

This course is mandatory for persons carrying out animal experiments and is accredited by the Fedartion of European Laboratory Animal Science Associations (course 033/11) and the the Society of Laboratory Animal Science and according to the EU-functions A, C, D and covers at least the former FELASA category B. The course is preferentially reserved for DKFZ-staffs; free places might be offered to others, too. The next courses (in German language) are scheduled for July 13th to July 17th, 2020; July 12th to July 16th, 2021; and July 11th to July 15th 2022 (lectures in German) followed by the practical part. Applications of DKFZ personnel should be done by using the training portal; external applicants please use the contact form. The application opens at January 1st.

The theory includes about three days of lectures, an introduction to the current at DKFZ used animals housing systems “Site Visit”, and also the "Common Practice" with demonstrations of additional relevant species (about 25 - 30 hours). This will be followed by a written test.

For the practical part will taught basic experimental animal techniques on mice and rats with anesthesia and a small surgery. This will take place in small groups, each on two days. Appointments and group arrangements will be announced in time.

Active participation in the practical exercises is mandatory. Permanent attendance is required during lectures as well as in practice and will be reviewed.

The certificate (EU-function A, C, D) is one of the prerequisites for collaboration in animal experiments. Anyone involved in animal experimentation have to proof a participation in such a course to the competent authority.

Additional qualification is required for the direction of a project on animal experimentation. Besides the proof of the FELASA-course (EU-function A, C, D), this is currently a proven experience of at least three years in animal experiments.

If you have already attended a sufficient course on Laboratory Animal Science abroad, you only have to attend a seminar on national legal animal welfare regulations (VTK: National Animal Welfare regulations (in-house regulations) - dates will be announced in the Training Portal). In any case, a case-by-case examination is required - please contact Prof. Schenkel by using the contact form.

The next courses (in English language) are scheduled for October 19th to October 23rd, 2020; October 25th to Octber 29th, 2021; and October17th to October 21st, 2022 (lectures), practice afterwards. Application opens at January 1st.

Education for Experts for Laboratory animal science (GV-SOLAS)

This four years lasting program allows natural scientists, veterinarians, and human doctors to specialize on laboratory animal science. DKFZ has a partial permit to educate. In case of interest please contact Dr. Johannes Schenkel by using the contact form.


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