Atlas of Cancer Mortality

Atlas of Cancer Mortality

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Ongoing data on cancer mortality are enquired by science, public and policy. The cancer atlas of the Federal Republic of Germany has been published as a book in 1997 and has been updated regularly by the German Cancer Research Centre. The latest appropriate data provided by the Federal Statistical Office are edited in the manner of the former cancer atlas and are made available to the public here.

In this way all tables and graphs are annually updated. Due to the extensive time and effort required to obtain and reprocess data the cartographic illustrations are not regularly updated. Currently, the “cancer scenery” of the years 1996-2000 is presented.

The original explanations of the book-publication of 1997 have been taken to comment each cancer site. These explanations are not updated and therefore do not necessarily picture the most recent standard of knowledge. As far as available links to corresponding texts found on current pages of the “Cancer Information Service” also located at the German Cancer Research Centre are referenced.

Chapters regarding origin of data material and their editing methods, however, retain validity as well as the final chapter regarding interpretation of such epidemiological data. At first sight the figures of the tables, the graphs as well as the “cancer charts” give the impression of being self-explanatory it is highly recommended to study these pages for a better understanding of the data.

Recommended quotation:
Becker N., Wahrendorf J. Krebsatlas der Bundesrepublik Deutschland 1981-1990. Springer, Berlin Heidelberg New York 1998.
And: Periodic update on Internet:

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